Saturday, October 5, 2013

The first morning of Navarathri . . .

The western bank of the tank of Sri Kapali Temple presented a rare sight on Friday morning, since dawn as hundreds of people took turns to take part in the ritual and prayers for Mahalya Amavasai.

On the mada veedhis, the rush was bigtime, chaotic and maddening too as people picked up bommais on the north side and shopped for foodstuffs and greens on the south side.

Later in the evening, as families kept their date with tradition and initiated the first act for Navarathri, we dropped into the house of Rama Ramesh of Alamelumangapuram, a colony sandwiched between P. S. Senior school and the every-busy Sai Baba Temple. Rama had completed the formal puja and had begun setting up her kolu. ( Rama is seen here in the second photo).

This morning, we dropped into the house of Megala Venkat, also a Alamelumangapuram resident.

Megala herself created the alankaram for Ambal and was in the process of conducting the ritual when we chose to click this photograph that you see on top. Like all others, she will also be setting up the kolu now.

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