Saturday, October 5, 2013

On sale: nine varieties of grams

Provision stores have been having a busy time in the Mylapore neighbourhood since Friday as people celebrating Navarathri began to shop for all that they will need for the days ahead.

Topping their shopping list is grams, jaggery, rice flour and greens required for garnishing the sundials . . .after all, the snacks that are so special to this festival are also talking points and food that guests relish.

This Saturday morning, ( Oct.5), we dropped in at Kalyan Ghee Stores on South Mada Street. The shop opposite the busy Surya Sweets shop.

The salesmen here were sweating it out as shoppers dropped in to buy grams. This shop offers nine different varieties of grams. Prices start at Rs. 200 / kilo.

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