Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sudha Ragunathan's music . . .

If there is one place in Mylapore where you may want to be at this festival time, it is this - Ramakrishna Mission Students' Home.

What stands out here is that sense of community.

And the people who make it happens are the swamijis, managers and residents of this Home which has provided education, food and bed for thousands of less-abled boys for decades.

The boys have a lot of work to do at this time - set up the kolu, take out the procession of the ambal every morning and evening, welcome guests to the evening concerts 's and serve prasadam.

The celebrations started here on Saturday evening. Sudha Ragunathan's kutcheri was packed - at least 450 people were present.

But the most pleasing visual for Mylaporeans is the procession that the boys took out, quietly through the streets that border their campus in the P. S. Sivaswamy Road area, adjoining Vivekananda College.

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