Monday, October 7, 2013

Scenes at Sri Malleeswarar Temple

We stopped at the Sri Malleeswarar Temple on Bazzar Road, off Kutchery Road in Mylapore to get a feel of the Navaratri celebrations. Decorated for the festival this evening, the temple received a steady stream of people. At one end, the goddess had been neatly decorated and beside it was a simple kolu stand with dolls.

The siva lingam had also been decorated.

Giri Fine Arts, promoted by Giri Trading Agency of Mylapore famed for the sale of everything religious is hosting kutcheris here every evening and also web streaming them.

The kutcheri stage is set for groups of youngsters. On the evening we were there, the Gnanamrutha Music School of Besant Nagar provided the music.

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