Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day One of Kolu Contest shoot!

Day One of video-recording the kolus of all those who have registered for the MYLAPORE TIMES Kolu Contest has just begun.

Since last year, the kolus are 'shot' on video and then looked at very closely by a judge. Photographer Rajesh began his assignment this morning and hopes to complete his job of shooting at 80 houses in the neighbourhood over three days.

This is not an easy task as his team has to cover houses on Dr Radhakrishnan Road on one side and R. A. Puram and Alwarpet on the other, besides weaving his way through the smaller streets of Mylapore.

The video clips will be edited and the kolus will be screened at the prize award event to be held a week later.

Over a dozen people called to squeeze their names into the contest but had to be told they were a tad late. The engagement though shows how excited people are about their kolas!

Meanwhile, another photographer, R. Saravanan does the rounds of Mylapore shooting scenes that go into this blog to give you the best we can of the festival in this part of the city.

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